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hunter x online,The game features a daily World Boss event. Every day, the World Boss will be unlocked three times.


Hunter X Online New Floating Dragon Feature Overview

It's confirmed that Event Horizon and Resident Evil series director Paul Anderson will be the director of Hunter X Online movie. According to Deadline, Anderson has given Deadline his concept for the movie version. There's no information on the story or actors/actresses, but the movie could be shot in US or South Africa.

Back in 2012, Anderson revealed his interest in bringing the Hunter X Hunter game  series Hunter X Online to the big screen, but since then no news has come through on his involvement. The role-playing video game Hunter X Online is a bestseller for Unigame and should be catnip for tentpole IP-hungry studios. The game is especially popular in Japan and in US.
A new boss Floating Dragon, Yama Tsukami, is landing in the English version of hunter x hunter game. It’s an unusual Elder Dragon with an octopus-like body, covered in moss, algae, and other plant life, having the ability to produce gas within its body in order to keep itself afloat.
Known as a dangerous creature, Yama Tsukami could be docile after feeding. But Yama Tsukami will become very hostile if it is surrounded or cornered, swinging its legs slapping on the ground in a frenzy, releasing the bugs from its body to attack enemies and more. Yama Tsukami has a symbiotic relationship with Great Thunderbugs, which allows them to rest inside its body until they mature. In return, the Great Thunderbugs assist the monster by attacking threats. These Thunderbugs can explode when they are near an opponent, causing considerable damage to their target.

Skill 1
Yama Tsukami makes use of its soft body and big mouth to create high winds so that to suck their target into its mouth.
Skill 2
It rotates itself, swinging its legs slapping on the ground crazily to cause devastating damage.
Skill 3
Yama Tsukami can fall to the ground from a great height, using the weight of body that is equivalent to a mountain to squash everything under it.
Skill 4
Yama Tsukami releases the hydrogen or other combustible gases inside itself to burn the target.


Hunter X Online (US) Open Beta Registration and Guide

After several closed beta, Hunter X Online is finally ready for open beta, starting from Apir 10th, 2017! No beta key required for the open beta so basically speaking, everyone can play the game! I know a lot of western Hunter X Online fans would like to try this game so here's a detailed guide for you on how to register an account and how to download and install the client. Also, you can like our Hunter X Online Facebook page or join in our HXH Online forum for more discussions with other hunters!

>>> Welcome to join in our Unigame fans page, . We might do some giveaways there! xD

Update: we've made a FAQ for new hunters and also some common seen issues.

Some notes before the guide (read them carefully because many players are asking me those questions):
The open beta is English open beta. No words on English version yet (seems like Unigame once said HXH Online is going to march into western xafs but we didn't get any update about that.)
The whole UI is in US, no English patch so far. (Hey, you still have 2 weeks to learn some mandarin xD or we hope some players could work out an English patch.)
Hunter X Online is a free-to-play game with a in-game cash shop.
As far as I know, there's no ip block. About the ping, hxh game online should be fine (it might be a bit laggy when you are in the town because there are a lot of players there but when you are out and do quests or hunting, it should be ok.)

How to register?
Go to  follow all instructions and fill-in all forms. After successfully registering an account, you will receive a Unigame ID. This Unigame ID is unique to you and you will be using ID as your HXH Online Game Account (Yes, all numbers).

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Hunter X introdution
hunter x online is an RPG Webgame based on the highly popular manga series Hunter x Hunter.
By completing various quests in Hunter OnLine, players can review the story of Gon and get to know the rules of the hunter world. In the game, you can collect heroes that appear in the manga to perfect your formation, start an adventure together, pass the Hunter Exam, and train them into powerful hunters!

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